Enter the address below in your cars Satellite Navigation GPS to make your journey easier:
756 Houston Street, College Station, Texas 77843
Note that roads may be busier than normal at times of popular events. Please plan accordingly.

Pre-sale parking lots are usually more accessible from George Bush Drive. Where else, most public and gameday parking is easily accessed from University Drive and Stotzer Parkway. Plan your route accordingly to save your time in traffic.

Some tips for parking:

  • If you can afford it, you should always reserve the closest available football parking now or parking for other events on campus as soon as possible.
  • Other parking options are near Bush Library, Bonfire Memorial off University Drive, Northside Garage, or on Agronomy Road. Fares are between $20 to $25 cash.
  • For easy access to paid parking, access parking via FM 2818 or Hwy 6 to University Drive (Raymond Stotzer Parkway/Hwy 60)
  • For easy access to 12th Man parking, access parking via FM 2818 to George Bush Drive

For more information, please visit the 12th Man website including Gameday road closure and tailgating.