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If you haven’t been following the Texas A&M Aggies, then you’ve been missing out on one of the most exciting teams to play this regular season. Coming into week 9 with a 5-3 record, the team is racing up the ranks and maybe a strong contender for postseason play this year. Fans are rushing to pick up their tickets to see the team play at their home location at Kyle Field Stadium because they know that the team has a strong roster that can only become better thanks to the leadership of Head Coach Jimbo Fisher, who’s in his second year with the program. All of this talent and raw power tell sports fans across the world that The Aggies are the team to watch this season.

But if you don’t want to miss out on any of the bone-crunching action on the gridiron, then you need to make sure you order your tickets to see them live. Just imagine cheering on one of the best teams this season alongside over 100,000 other fans. You’ll never have a better chance at scoring tickets to see the best football action as you do now. So don’t delay, because once the tickets to see the Aggies play at Kyle Field Stadium are gone, they are gone for good. If you love football, then you owe it to yourself to see the men in burgundy take the field.

Will you be there for the Aggies’ next home game victory? There’s one way to find out!

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The Story of Aggies Leadership

The Texas Aggies are one of the most storied teams in Division I play with the NCAA. It was a charter member of the Southwest Conference until it was dissolved where it became a member of the Big 12 Conference after its formation in 1996. The program remained in the Big 12 until it left to join the Southeastern Conference in 2012, where it currently plays. During the program’s existence, it has earned three national titles, 20 conference titles, and two Heisman trophies including 2012’s Johnny Menziel who went down in history as the first redshirt freshman to win the award. A lot of credit for these achievements have to go towards the coaches who, in most cases, have elevated the team to prominence.

There was a period between 1944 to 1971 when the team couldn’t hit their stride, with only two conference titles won. But the team returned to brass tacks in 1972 with Emory Bellard’s appointment as head coach that led to two 10 win seasons. After Bellard’s short tenure, Tom Wilson took over with little success followed by Jackie Sherrill who won three consecutive conference titles and two Cotton Bowl Classic postseason games. After Sherrill left the program, his defensive coordinator, R. C. Slocum took over as Head Coach, where he brought the team to top 25 finishes during 10 of his 14 years of service. He also brought the team their only Big 12 title in 1998. In 2002, the team suffered a few seasons without great success with Dennis Franchione finishing the 2003 season at 4-8, but making it up the following year with a 7-4 mark leading to an invitation to the Cotton Bowl Classic. The team struggled for a few years after, facing defensive coordination replacements, and average seasons until the 2007 season where they finished in a three-way tie for third with Texas Tech and Oklahoma State in the Big 12 South.

Overall, the team had their high and low points after that, but what stood the test of time was that whenever the team had a period without success, they always made up for it to explode back onto the scene with purpose.

What you need to know about Head Coach Jimbo Fisher.

Head Coach John James “Jimbo” Fisher Jr, is a former player who has since become head coach at Texas A&M. Before his tenure with the Aggies, Fisher was the head coach at Florida State where he led the team to win the 2014 BCS National Championship Game.

While Fisher was a senior at Samford University, Fisher was the 1987 NCAA Division III National Player of the Year. This early success made him a natural fit for Offensive Coordinator and Quarterback Coach for Louisiana State University from 2000 to 2006. He would then move to the Florida State Seminoles where he was offensive coordinator, quarterbacks coach, and head coach-in-waiting beginning in 2007. After Florida State’s head coach, Bobby Bowden, retired after 37 years of service, Fisher succeeded him for the 2010 season. He served the Seminoles for eight seasons after that before resigning to accept the head coaching position at Texas A&M. During his first year with the Aggies, he finished strong with a 9-4 total record, with a 5-3 record in the conference. This is after their 2017 season where the team lagged with a 7-6 record, 4-4 in SEC play.

What this tells sports commentators and fans is that Fisher has a strong ability to connect with his players and push them to perform and excel. Many first-year coaches struggle with their teams, matching previous season records or falling behind until they hit their stride. That’s why we believe Fisher is the Coach to watch and the Aggies are the team to see.

The Can’t-Miss Attractions of Kyle Field Stadium

Make the most out of your visit to the Aggies Stadium by checking out the following features and attractions.

If you’re like most sports fans, animal mascots are one of your favorite parts of the sport. The Aggie’s mascots, Reveille, is a rough collie who was adopted by students of Texas A&M. During a fundraising drive, the original Reveille raised $100 to make him an honorary general during World War II as part of the K-9 Corps making Reveille the highest-ranking member of the Texas A&M Corps of Cadets. The student body loved Reveille so much, that after the mascot’s death, she was buried at the north end of Kyle Field so that the score was always visible from her grave. This started a tradition where future Reveilles would be buried alongside the first mascot. The site has updated and modernized with a small electronic scoreboard so that the score would remain visible even while the stadium was renovated and built up. Fans enjoy visiting the Reveille cemetery to see one of the most beloved members of the program.

For fans interested in the stadium itself, you can visit The old Kyle Field press box, that was located at the top of the western deck of the stadium at 120 feet above the field. The press box had two tiers that could fit over 250 members of the press, with radio and tv journalists sitting in the lower tier and print journalists sitting in the upper tier. One feature of the press box was how its construction caused the structure to sway during the Aggie War Hymn, which startled several journalists who hadn’t covered Aggies games before. In 2003, the press box was declared a high-rise building, with the university forced to renovate it to meet with fire safety regulations and ADA standards. So the press box was updated to sway less and fit better safety standards.

If you want to enjoy your time at Kyle Field Stadium, make sure you take the time to check out these two features if you can.

Texas A&M Aggie Tickets